Vice President of Recruitment

Grace Liu

Vice President of Operations

Kyleigh Pacello

Vice President of Communications

Gwen Kidder

Vice President of Finance

Katie Marusich

Vice President of External Relations
Jamie Thorne

Kalli Schaefer


CHAIRS Fall 2020
Membership Education and Development Chair

Mary Norton

Scholastic Chair

Kaitlyn Denten

Sisterhood Chair
Zoe Jeske

Social Events Chair

Josie Schmitt

Prevention Advocate

Kaitlyn Denten

Philanthropy Chair

Maddie Marusich

Apparel Chair

Isabel Chaput

Public Relations Chair

Mia Deaven

Photography Chair

Mia Deaven


Greek Week Coordinator

Sukhmani Singh


Alumnae Delegate

Chrissy Nelson

Sustainability Chair

Kaitlyn Schurmann

Philanthropy Director

Abby Gifford


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